Long Island Pen Show 2016

The Long Island Pen Show 2016 was held on March 12th & 13th this year at Hofstra University. This is the best lit show on the circuit.

The show was very busy Saturday and Sunday was great too. It was especially nice to NOT have it rain or snow finally. The last 4 or 5 years we have had one or the other. BUT this year the weather was great, the press was great and this is without a doubt the best lit show on the circuit. I felt it was an excellent mix of modern and vintage. You had some of the most well know vintage dealers and some of the biggest modern dealers as well as a lot of grinders and repair going on.
Franklin-Christoph made a return, Fountain Pen Hospital had the $50 parts bags back and the coffee was excellent as well.... and very much appreciated.
LOVE the tables in the middle of the show for attendees to try out ink, let their "others" sit and rest while they indulge or just chat with a friend they have not seen since the last show.
While I do prefer the hotel setting for after hours fun and letting the show continue into the wee hours I do not think the trade off in lighting would be worth it. Yes shows like DC go literally 24 hours a day but here it is not necessary.