Montblanc William Shakespeare

After much talk about yet another Limited Edition Montblanc ink and another red I thought well I will see how others like it. William Shakespeare Velvet Red has been sold out from every retailer within a day of them receiving it. At the 2016 DC pen show I got to see it in person and since there were no bottles to be bought at the biggest pen show on the planet and I liked it I started hunting down sources. Well Fahrney's in Maryland got in a shipment and I ordered 3 bottles. It was shipped fast, well packed and there was no price gouging. Very impressed with my 1st order from them. 

The paper above has a blue hue to it in the photo but that is because I adjusted the photo so the ink swabs and writing sample were more accurate. The shading is amazing and it is close to the Hitchcock but it really does have a velvet red quality about it.

Lay this ink down on some Tomoe River paper and it takes a life of its own.

Some folded nib fun for the last photo. Really a fantastic ink. Now will they re-release a ton of it and flood the market like they did with the Tolstoy? That has yet to be seen but it is a great ink and Montblanc continues to produce great colors with good balance.

AND yes I really do wish I had even a sample of the Chalk Red to compare it to. Should I acquire one I will revisit this and update it.