NOCK Sinclair case


The Nock Sinclair has been a long awaited release. Those who were at the 2015 DC Pen Show got a glimpse of the Prototype of this case. Back then it was being called the "Half-Tower". The founders of Nock, Brad and Jeff, were at the show with a few prototypes to show off and get feedback from. The feedback they received was all positive and most of us were trying to figure out how to get the prototypes to take home with us. Yes they were that impressive.

So lets take a look at what makes this case so versatile. Looking from the outside in it has 2 zippers so you can open and close it either way. It only unzips 1/2 way down the sides of the case making for easy access and creating a well of space in the middle. The zippers are excellent quality that feel very strong and easy to zip. The teeth are large giving a nice secure feel. The edges of the case are well padded and have interior piping going around the edges on both halves so once you close it up the tops and bottoms of your pens are cushioned from impacts. This helps a lot if you drop you case on a hard surface.  The pictures below really show off the detail of the piping around the inner edges. You can also get a good look at the interior layout showing the pens slots and notebook slot.

The stitching is double and even triple in some places to reinforce the overall strength of the case. Note the top of the pen slot where the stitching is done multiple times.  When you really look at the detail work in what seems like a relatively simple case you realize the amount of work that went into it. 

There is padding between the outer and inner layer of material to cushion you're pens or whatever else you have inside. By giving the case a little bit of width you're able to fit plenty of your every-day-carry. I was easily able to fit a Delta Dolce Vita, Visconti HS Bronze & Classic Pens LM1 with a notebook as well as my iPhone 6. Again, by giving this case a little more width and using the right materials you have the ability to do what looks like over stuffing it without doing so. With all that in the case it still closed with no issues and without having me feel like everything was tight and rubbing against each other inside. 

The Sinclair is priced at $35. Quality is excellent and while durability is not proven, I can comfortably say it will last a very long time. This particular color combination is called Camo/Raven. The other two available colors are Barn Red/Midnight and Forest/Sunshine. The zipper pulls were extra as well. They are $4 for a 2 pack and there is a variety of colors you can order. Plus they just look great on the Sinclair.

For some up close and personal time with this case you can watch the video review below.

This Nock Sinclair was purchased by me. This review is based on my personal opinion and nothing more.